At Xtreme Garage™ we did not invent the garage door opener, we perfected it. Simple, reliable design; heavy-duty, high-quality components; and easy installation are what make Xtreme Garage™ garage door openers great. A garage door opener is something you depend on every day. For this reason, Xtreme Garage™ garage door openers have been engineered to operate in all temperatures, from hot summers to extreme winter conditions. The 1/2-horsepower electric chain drive garage door opener is the entry-level opener offered by Xtreme Garage™. This opener is designed to handle most sectional garage doors up to seven feet tall and 18 feet wide.
  • Powerful, 1/2 HP opener with heavy-duty chain drive system. Reduces wear & increases operating performance, even in low temperatures.
  • Added peace of mind with Xtreme+Security. Protects your home by only responding to your personally programmed Xtreme Garage™ remote control.
  • (1) Digital-boost remote control. Digital signal boosts & increases the remote range & performance
  • Auto reverse safety system
  • 100 watt lighting system. (1) x 100-watt light bulbs, sold separately
3-Step, push button programming:
  1. Install the opener. Follow the enclosed installation instructions to easily assemble and install your opener, optical safety sensors and illuminated wall button.
  2. Program the opener. Using a standard screwdriver, adjust the open/close travel limits. Us the push buttons to set the open/close force.
  3. Program the accessories. By using the "learn" button on the opener
    See owners manual for full details

*Before Set-Up: Measure your garage door. This acess system handles doors up to 18ft. wide and 7ft. tall. Optional extension kits (sold separately) are available for taller doors.


All Xtreme Garage™ door openers and accessories are compatible with HomeLink* technology

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Watch this universal video to learn how to easily install an Xtreme Garage 1/2 hp opener. Always refer to your owner's manual during installation.
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